Pro-Life: Protecting The Sanctity of Life Inside and Outside The Womb

As states grapple with unprecedented budget shortfalls, all options have been put on the table, including cutting state funding to Planned Parenthood.  

You have to be living under a rock not to know about Planned Parenthood.  But for the sake of those who haven’t, let me give you a short history lesson.  

A  Brooklyn NY native by the name of Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in the early 1920s, which was later changed to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.  Ms. Sanger was a women’s health advocate who believed that in order to improve women’s health they needed education and a way to control how many children they were having.   Whether or not the group has improved women’s health is debatable but one things is for sure, today, Planned Parenthood has become the largest provider of abortions in the United States!

Within the last several months, however, their “banner of shame” has begun to unravel at the seams as a tidal wave of states move to cut funding to the group.  The cuts, which  amount to an earthquake of sorts, started in Kansas and sent aftershocks to Montana, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and now Indiana.   

Planned Parenthood knows it is on the ropes and has countered with several lawsuits against these cuts, claiming that such cuts threaten women’s health.  A comment in the July 1st, 2011, ABC News feature, gives credence to the movement:

    “There is a huge tidal wave of support sweeping across the country right now to defund

    Planned Parenthood,” said Ciara Matthews, a spokesperson for the Susan B.

    Anthony List, a pro-life activist group.  “What the states are doing is what the federal

    government has failed to do, and that is to strip tax dollars from America’s abortion


At the same time there is a similar movement to cut state and federal level education funding moving swiftly across the country.  PA  State Senator, Vincent Hughes highlighted in his July 1st 2011, Take Issue newsletter, the following cuts in education that were approved recently by Republican-controlled House and Senate:

School districts will lose more than $900 million overall—this marks the first time in decades that we will not see an increase in education spending.

  • Poorer school districts hit hardest – $900 per student cut.
  • Programs that were completely eliminated include the Education Assistance Program (tutoring), School Improvement Grants, Dual Enrollment, Science It’s Elementary, Reimbursement of Charter Schools, and High School Reform.
  • Results: Significant property tax increases and thousands of job losses.

My question for the pro-life movement, and myself for that matter, is,  (I am pro-life except in incidences of rape, incest or the mother’s life is in danger) how come they don’t mount an offensive that is just as aggressive as the move to get state funding cut from Planned Parenthood,  towards these historic cuts in education funding, which will ultimately go on to “abort” the lives of tens of thousands of school children?!   I mean, it seems that the pro-life movement only deems life scared inside of the womb and not outside the womb.  Is the unborn child more important then the born child?? 

I believe that one way to end the reign of the pro-choice movement is to actually give women, especially poor women, “choice.”  We know that education is the great equalizer, and I am convinced that when a woman, particularly a poor woman, weighs her options of bringing a life into this world only to have them placed on the cradle-to-prison conveyor-belt, due to inadequate public schools, the option to take her child’s life becomes even more irresistible!

The pro-life movement must become more holistic in its approach to ending the culture of abortion on demand, by simultaneously countering groups like Planned Parenthood and state and federal budgets that “abort children,” by maintaining enormous funding gaps  between the haves and have-nots.   Such funding gaps ultimately helps to widen and sustain the academic achievement gap in our nation’s public schools.

I assert that the life of  the born child is just as sacred as the life of the unborn child.  If the pro-life movement believed this too, they would contend for educating the very fetus they fight for, because ultimately this is what’s going to give it a LIFE. 

If you agree that the pro-life movement needs to become more holistic in its approach to help end the culture of abortion on demand then post the following banner on your social media page:              

PROTECT THE SANCTITY OF LIFE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE WOMB! CAPTHEGAP.WORPRESS.COM                                                                                                          


 Written By Cap.the.Gap Creator,  Ms. Lola O.


About Lola O.

is a self-described Reformer for urban education and advocate for students with exceptionalities. Her interest in urban education reform started in context after surviving, what she calls, the “holocaust of the D.C. Public Schools.” She intuitively knew that there where forces working against her; no one had to tell her that the odds of her graduating, going on to college, and escaping poverty were stacked well against her simply because of her zip code of 20010. She made a pact with God that if he delivered her, she would come back and help reverse these odds for students coming after her. Needless to say, God kept his end of the deal and today she is a graduate of Eastern University with degrees in Urban Studies and Political Science and plans to pursue her Master’s in early childhood administration. In 2009, she was accepted to the Public Allies class of 2009-2010. Public Allies, started under the leadership of Michele Obama, is a national movement grounded in the conviction that everyone leads; that everyone has gifts and assets that they can contribute to making their communities and society a better place. While serving as an Ally, she had the opportunity to serve with A Schools—Pittsburgh’s premier advocacy group for urban education reform. It was while in this role that she was able to deepen her knowledge on issues plaguing urban schools across the country. She returned from her time with Public Allies believing that the racial academic achievement gap is the biggest threat to the economic prosperity of historically disenfranchised communities and resolved to sound the alarm through a self-initiated blog entitled, Cap the Gap. The title was inspired by the 2010 summer BP oil spill during which the nation cried out, calling BP to cap the break in the pipe that was spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf, causing economic and environmental damage that will be felt for years to come. In the same way, she believes something even more precious is spilling, and that is the lives of tens of thousands of students of color who graduate every year unable to compete in our economy. Without adequate skills, the lives of these students often spill into crime, drugs, welfare dependency, the prison system, and ultimately the grave. Her hope is to bring together a community of concerned citizens to engage in a solution base dialogue that leads to the close of the achievement gap. When she isn’t writing for her blog, she spends her time serving as a volunteer with Jumpstart, a national organization committed to closing the achievement gap by focusing on early literacy and cognitive development. Her best two hours of the week is spent reading to preschoolers at Leap%2

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  1. Great article! I’ve never considered that de-funding or poorly funding education has a similar impact on society as abortion. Poor education leads to fewer job opportunities, which leads to higher crime, thus killing off segments of society anyway.

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